Wednesdays, June 7-June 28

2:00-4:00 pm 

Instructor: Kathleen Fish


 This is a shorter version of the regular Pastel Painting class that is open to beginners and to students who have done some pastel work. The focus will be on learning and practicing methods of doing the initial sketch or drawing and then working with ways of applying the pastel for getting the colors, their values, intensity, textures and temperature to work with it. The aim is to make the student's created pastel image successfully stand out and lead it's future viewers' eyes into it. (The "How to Measure for Mat Cutting and a Frame" handout is also available for those who would like it along with answers to questions about framing). HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS WELCOME!



Hard Pastel Set (NuPastel brand recommended)

Soft Pastel Set (Rembrandt Pastel recommended)

A sheet of Canson Mi-tientes pastel paper (grey tone preferred)

A decent sized piece of foam core to use as a drawing board

An 8 X 10 reference photo of a subject  the student would like to do a pastel painting of (Because of the shorter time span with this class, the student should consider a subject and the size of the paper for their artwork).

The SHAC has Canson Mi-tientes pastel paper (19" X 25") available for purchase ($2.00/sheet)

4 week class 

Cost: $80 (or drop-in at $25 per session)- Materials not included

Ages High School to Adult. 

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