Guest Artists

Each monthly meeting of the VFAA features a different guest speaker. Below is our guest book. See the 2017 schedule or find each month in the Artisan NewsletterPast Guest Artists


March 2017

David Larwa was an excellent presenter of all types of paper folding including and beyond Japanese Origami. Many scientific innovations have been based on physics related to paper folding and yet some of the most intricate and beautifully crafted pieces from from the same material. Thank you David for sharing your story.  David also is known for 100s of miles of walking tours around the world. He has made and left small Origami crosses at locations or with people he has met on his travels.

visitingArtist Mar17

February 2017

Darcel Deneu is a fulltime and energized painter who more recently has been working on stained glass in subject matter that Detroiters and beyond can appreciate. The artist brought examples of her latest work, her book of studio portraits and paintings, and a great stillshot video of working on her large wall painting installation at the "Garage" in Northville. Darcel has works in her studio in downtown Detroit.

visitingArtist Feb17

January 2017

A large group enjoyed the story of a nationally successful musician (the band Sponge) start an art career.Joe is following has a passion for vintage mechanical working lamps.

He launched his work at Motor City Brewing, the Scarab Club and many other venues and now enjoys the rewards and his new lifestyle. Extremely resourceful, Joe's work can be found at  Joe's lamps have been included in Michigan art shows including Milford Memories.

visitingArtist Jan17


Once a Year, every year!

Dave Miller is a long time partner of the Village Fine Arts Association. The owner of Dave Miller Art Supplies has a new shop.

His shop carries specialized items and newly released art materials. Today's demo included stretched canvas frame in a box, snapable sable watercolor brushes, and new marker sets - pigment based and not alcohol based. As a VFAA member, discounts are available on top of reasonable prices.

visitingArtist oct