Guest Artists

Each monthly meeting of the VFAA features a different guest speaker. Below is our guest book. See the 2019 schedule or find each month in the Artisan NewsletterPast Guest Artists


January 2020

The new decade begins with a spirited presentation from a fresh young contemporary artist, Anthony Brass. 

visitingArtist jan2020


October 2019

The artist inspired our group with a presentation of the history and her experience with "tesserae", derived from Roman and Greek antiquity. She has a rich background and has studied with leading mosaic artists. Most recently Wasentha was chosen to teach at a national mosaic event. She has studied and visited the mosaic tradition, or 'canon' in Spain and Italy. For more information on the mosaic art medium, look up the Society of American Mosaic Artists or the Ann Arbor Mosaic Group.

Thank you, Wasentha, for ending our 2019 meetings with such an educational and fascinating insight into mosaic medium and expressions!

 visitingArtist Oct19


September 2019

We spotlight Stephanie, a VFAA art class teacher and practicing artist of various mediums.  Stephanie shared insight into her experiences and development as an artist and her passion as an art instructor at Oakland Community College and at the SHAC in painting, basic design and other mediums. Every visiting artist has a message.  Stephanie shared how fun it is to solve artistic challenges, like painting fireworks or cresting waves or birch trees in a swamp. Drawing is basic and to draw you have to learn how to observe. Her basic style and expression is a happy one based on early influences while living in Hong Kong. Thank you, Stephanie, for putting together a great presentation!

 visitingArtist sep19


August 2019

Dean Rogers is a favorite VFAA member who has become a multiple award winner and published portrait artist with a disciplined but imaginative and creative style of expression that you have to see in person to fully appreciate.  Dean told us his story and the stories of the subjects of his interesting compositions. The space and content in his pieces is deep, dramatic and always memorable. You can find Dean at the SHAC and several other shows in the area. In September of this year, find Dean's work is in a show at the Northville Art House. Congratulations Dean!

visitingArtist Aug19


July 2019

Ken Graning. a frequent painting award winner, including at the SHAC, joined the group for a stimulating demo of his successful painting style.

Ken's tradition and contributions to our center raises artist's perspective and expands the variety of styles we all experience at our art center.

Thank you Ken!

visitingArtist jul19


June 2019

Sharon shared her experience and passion painting outside landscape. She is a firm believer in sketching and practice to gain the technique to improve and enjoy plein air painting. Eventually your eye is always picking up shapes and colors in the natural environment, as you walk or drive, that you can use in your work. Find out more about her painting and workshops here:

visitingArtist Jun19


May 2019

James Draper has a path to art via a career in Engineering. He walked through his journey where we saw the artist's influences of structure and medium as exploratory areas and to abstract form with embedded meaning and reflected imagery, working a piece until he is satisfied. James is creating his art using a scatterprint machine he designed and built himself. He enjoys working with alcohol inks and found objects and often on yupo paper, . Ilya Bolotowsky is one artist he enjoys for geometric composition.

visitingArtist may19


April 2019

John Louis Wood provided insight into the healing potential of art through his own personal experience. When life brings an unexpected diagnosis, personal exploration begins in many ways. In this case five years of transformation in one artist's work. Learn more about John's path, which was inspired by a journey into poetry, which eventually led the artist back to his sculpture medium. His personal story offers us rich messages of relationship building and self understanding. John's advice is to stay in the light of life and not the dark. Find joy. You can read more about John and his mission to share this message at:

visitingArtist Apr19 John Louis Wood


March 2019

VFAA loves a demonstration.  Painters and others enjoyed being in the space around Rusty as he worked on his oil painting and gave his perspective on painting. He also gave nice feedback to this month's artist of the year selections, which is never an easy task for a visiting artist. See more of Rusty's work on this website:

visitingArtist mar19


February 2019

A delightful presentation from Mary, who is a fellow VFAA member/artist as well as a thoughtful and generous friend.  The award winning artist is very well known in local fiber circles. She prepared an intriguing talk around the role of serendipity in her quilting pieces and how it brings everlasting joy in the creation of her designs and the simple satisfaction of sewing quilt pieces into her own creations. Mary's quilts and bags can be found in many shops of Milford and in local fiber craft shows. Reach Mary through her website:

visitingArtist feb19


January 2019

Welcome Bryce Denison to the VFAA and SHAC series of presenting artists. The attendees enjoyed his talk and slides about fine arts photography and also the artist's own picks for our Artist of the Year.  Thank you!

visitingArtist jan19


September 2018

Jill Ault terminologies translate into fine art explorations, like Shibori, discarded color, Organza. From structured stitchery to geometric nature elements, her pieces have evolved into abstract award winning images of fabric guided by the artist's own algorithms. From craft to inspiration (see the left and righthand images below). be sure to check out her work in person sometime.

visitingArtist sep18


August 2018

Sylvus Tarn shared a unique perspective on the art and technique of glass bead design and production, or 'lampwork'. Like many artists who try to follow a practical track in life, and instead are pulled into the life and adventure of an artist, Sylvus was drawn to beadwork. She produces unique glass beads for others and explores her own visions for unique jewelry pieces. For more information on beadwork as a fine art and craft, look up the activities of the Great Lakes Beadworkers Guild.

 visitingArtist aug18

July 2018

Rick and Deb Zuccarini have utulized ancient traditional techniques and materials since the 1960s and shared a fascinating story about plaster and pigments. Think Diego Rivera and Giotto and Etruscan pottery techniques, 4000 year old trowels and painting through wicking color from the brush to the wall. As we know chemistry is the basis of fine art. The artists are committed and patient and the rewards have been many. They are going to offer a workshop to those interested. That should be quite a unique experience. Thank you Rick and Deb!

 visitingArtist Jul18

May 2018

Sandra Difazio shared her artwork and her story in May. Immediately you notice that color become alive in painting done outdoors, surrounded by weather's light effects and detail. Sandra became interested in plein aire through a friend's introduction in Ann Arbor. Eventually she supported the organization by becoming chairman. She has painted under many conditions, day and night. Everyone who attended received a tip sheet for creating a successful painting outside and shared her unique DIY framing and matting technique. If you drive through Saline in the near future you may see one of Sandra's painting blown up and mounted at the Pineapple Gift Shop. Artist secret: Painting outside forces you to get out in the natural world and push forward.

 visitingArtist may18

April 2018

Barbara Goodsitt, artist and pencil art instructor, shared wonderful pieces and a slideshow reflecting her story and her experience in teaching. She is proud to have inspired award winning artists in addition to winning awards of her own. Barbara endorses the Colored Pencil Society of America. One of her inspirations is the work of Janet Fish. She experiments with multiple techniques, using them in her favorite themes and stylistic design elements. Barbara teaches at Washtenaw College and orginally grew up in Wisconsin.  Find more about Barbara at

 visitingArtist Apr18

March 2018

Todd Marsee captured the attention of the group with his beautiful story and interpretation of nature in watercolor imagery, evoking both the color and sensibility of the scenes he paints. Todd described his experience as an Artist in Residence near Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore, near Munising in the upper penninsula of Michigan.Certainly this has inspired us to load up our our equipment and head north to create.  Thank you Todd for sharing your work and your story!

 visitingArtist Mar18

February 2018

Kim Ensch described her journey in life as an artist and the meaning of the subject matter that streams through her images and constructions. The pieces she brought and the slides are expressive and use non-traditional materials including found papers. Kim is a very revealing and open person who shared her techniques and moreso the themes and personal experience involved in making her artwork. Kim is also involved in encaustic painting and included in a show currently at the HVCA.

 visitingArtist Feb18

January 2018

You might recognize the unique style of Pamela Day. Her work in clay and in painting emotes certain fantastic themes rooted in art history and her love of certain imagery. Pamela shared her journey in art and her methods of mixing ceramic form with stains and prismacolor finishes that evoke striking realism and personality. Pamela is an award winning Wixom artist who has displayed work at the SHAC in relief and scuptural form and in Brighton, Farmington, Detroit among her shows. Enjoy her work or reach her through her website: We were honored Wednesday night to see her work and talk with her in person and be inspired by her story.

visitingArtist Jan18

October 2017

Carolyn Weins returned to demonstrate her pastel technique once again, applying her color theory and creating beautiful and intense landscapes. Some of her materials include water, alcohol,and pipe insulation material. Carolyn showed the group how to experiment with cool and warm color contrast studies to achieve vibrant and realistic artwork. Some favorite sources: author Richard McKinley and Dakota Art Pastels. See more of Carolyn on our web site home page scrolling masthead, or at

visitingArtist oct.17