October 2015

In our last popular vote this year, there were so many winners - below are the tied first place pieces:

(Left to Right) - Valerie Bayer, Cindy Rashid and Dave Justus.

artistofYR oct

September 2015

Left to Right) 1st - Cindy Rashid - Watercolor ; 2nd - Jennifer Thrift, photography, 3rd - Candice Coey, colored pencil. Honorable mention: Wendy Willihnganz, watercolor, and Dale Alcocer, Oil

artistofYR sep

Haskew Challenge, "Driven"

haskewchallenge sep

August 2015

1st - Cindy Rashid - Watercolor ; 2nd - Jennifer Thrift, photography, 3rd - Jennifer Thrift, photography

artistofYR aug

July 2015

1st - Sandy Ackerman - Acrylic ; 2nd - Cindy Rashid, watercolor, 3rd - ties - Dean Rogers- Colored Pencil, Lori Pas – Photography, Bob Wesley – Watercolor

artistofYR jul

June 2015

1st - Kathy Fish, pastel ; 2nd - Cindy Rashid, watercolor, 3rd - Bob Wesley, acrylic, and Honorable mention: 'unnamed', watercolor.

artistofYR jun

May 2015

1st - Cindy Rashid, watercolor ; 2nd - Renee Hoag, watercolor, 3rd - Scott Weitlaufer, watercolor with caligraphy.

artistofYR may
Honorable mentions: Renee Hoag, Cindy Rashid, Sandy Ackerman and Dave Justis (not shown)

artistofYR may2

April 2015 and Haskew Challenge, "Savor"

1st - (top left to right) Dale Alcocer, oil ; 2nd - Patricia Keckan, watercolor, 3rd - Janice Dumas, watercolor.
Honorable mentions: (too many to post): Valerie Bayer, Dave Justus, Susi Thomas, Candice Coey, Renee Hoag, Gerry Pas, Cindy Rashid

artistofYR apr

Cindy Rashid, "Savor",watercolor. Cash award provided.

haskewchallenge apr

March 2015

1st - (top left to right) Cindy Rashid, watercolor; 2nd - Sandy Ackerman, landscape, 3rd - Jan Key, mixed media.
Honorable mention (bottom row)
, Mary Bajcz - fabric, Cindi Rashid-watercolor, Gerry Pas-photographs, Tricia Huffman-jewelry.


February 2015

1st and 2nd (2 photographs righthand) - Gerry Pas, 3rd (4th drawing top row) Scott Wettlaufer, Honorable mention (top row left to right), Scott Wettlaufer, Roger Watkins and Gary Dykstra.

artist of yr feb15

January 2015

1st and 2nd (top row) - Cindy Rashid watercolors, 3rd (bottom row) - ties: Pastels from Kathy Fish,  Valerie Bayer and Sandy Ackerman.

artist year jan15