Past Guest Artists

June 25, 2014

"See the World Differently", explained his approach and view on the world of drawing expressed through graphite and paper. Armin's work has been shown at the Grand Rapids Art Museum and included at Art Prize 2014 in the Amway Grand. The role of the artist is to kick start the viewer's imagination. He also teaches. Google Armin to find out more.
armin m

September 23, 2015

Carolyn Garay – Contemporary, expressionist, explorer of human experience and a conversation of artistic elements. Carloyn observes the world and responds in her work to reveal the conflicted nature of people. She is both an illustrator and a dark humorist. Her paintings have great depth and mystery. "Somehow it all ties together". Carolyn has displayed at Art Prize in Grand Rapids and teaches children in the arts and programming.
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August 2016

Mike is a well prepared artist with studies at UM and Center for Creative Studies in Detroit. He has very strong instincts in composition, use of color and light to bring life and excitement to natural landscape painting, both in studio and plein aire. Some of Mike's tips - Sketch in the big shapes with thinner paint, begin the composition with shades, then add the midtones and finally the highlights. Depicting the sky, interplay sky blues with the foreground colors to create a natural effect. Bring in the thicker paint for detail. Mike's preference is to push his foreground back aways, possibly bringing the viewer into the painting and bringing in the light to bring focus. Finally, Mike likes to let some of the color to mix in the strokes instead of creating perfectly mixed color on his palette. Thank you for sharing!

visitingArtist Aug16


July 24, 2014

Robert Perrish, friendly critique opportunity with VFAA members and visitors. Always popular! an award-winning designer, sculptor and painter whose love of nature is evident in everything he creates. Robert judged 2013 Views & Visions show. Learn more about him and his work at

August 26, 2015

“Artrepreneur” Suzanne Bilek has a wide range of
experiences in the art business - as an artist and
photographers’ agent, gallery salesperson, marketing
manager, trained picture framer, craftswoman and, in
recent years, author. She indulged her love for the history
of art in “Americas’s 4th Coast” - the Great Lakes region.

visitingArtist Aug