Who We Are


The Village Fine Arts Association (VFAA) has been promoting the arts in the Village of Milford, Milford Township and the Huron Valley area since 1992.

Our Mission is to promote the arts by providing fellowship, education and opportunities to artists and art lovers in our community.

We coordinate and participate with other community groups in art related events to increase our visibility and to showcase our community’s creativity.

Our intent is to reach out to all artists of all ages, levels of experience and ability and encourage them to nurture their creative spirit by providing them opportunities, education, and creative support.

Our board is representative of the community that the VFAA serves being comprised of local artists, business professionals in the automotive, healthcare and construction industries. While the current board is of individuals in the 50+ age range, the VFAA has art instructors who are representative of the younger generation that we wish to engage.

Our Director of the SHAC is Alicia Brown, who brings extensive experience in business and entrepreneurial management to our organization.


President: Linda Onderko,  Self Employed Artist/Art Instructor– Commerce, MI

Vice President: Kathleen Fish,  Artist/Art Instructor – Commerce, MI

Acting Secretary: Candace Brancik

Treasurer: Janice Dumas,  Self Employed Artist/Art Instructor – Milford, MI

Susan Gollon: Volunteer Executive Director of the VFAA – Milford, MI

Board Members:

Charles Thrift,  Engineering Technology Manager, TI Automotive - Milford, MI

Gail Weddington,  Director of Audiology, Michigan ENT, - Pontiac, MI

Leslie Watson – Owner: Main Street Art – Milford, MI

Colleen Kilpatrick – Owner: Red Maple Retreat – Milford, MI

Executive Director:  Susan Gollon Sub/Supplier Management, Aristeo Construction – Milford, MI

Director of Development – The S.H.A.C.:  Alicia Brown VFAA Employee

Bookkeeper, Administrative Assistant:  Candace Brancik VFAA Employee, Artist

Honorary Board Members:

Harold Haskew Automotive Industry – Milford, MI

Gloria Shulte Retail – West Bloomfield, MI

Committee Chairs:

SHAC – Sarah Sims 
Peacock Art Club (PAC) - Lori Pas/S .Kay Young
Newsletter – Candace Brancik 
Teen Art Club (TAC) – Susan Gollon/Michelle Spackman
Project Set Up – Janice Dumas
Webmaster – Jan Key
Program Coordinator – JoAnn Guile
Artist of the Year – Kathy Fish
Refreshments – Kathy Fish
Email Coordinator – Alicia Brown
Appreciation/Thank Yous! – Candace Brancik/Susan Gollon
Membership – Andrea Perry
Publicity – Susan Gollon

Business Documentation:

FEIN: 38-3037710 MI Charitable Trust: CT 17627 < expires 7-31- 2016/renewed6-10- 2015>

MI Sales Tax License B38-3037710 Expires 12-31- 16 Sales Tax Exempt 501 c 3

IRS Organization Code: 711510

painterExploring creative expression is for everyone. Whether you are interested in exploring different art mediums for yourself, taking a workshop to expand your knowledge, want to know more about the art world, or are a seasoned veteran willing to go further in your creative journey, you can join others and take your interest to the next level. OR maybe as a local business, you would like to partner with the VFAA and reflect your support of the arts in the Huron Valley area of Milford and the neighboring areas.

VFAA members include potters, weavers, oil painters, watercolorists, pastelists, acrylic painters, carvers, poets, musicians, photographers, sculptors, fabric artists...the list is endless and varied.

The Village Fine Arts Association began in 1992, with the knowledge that there was a great need for the numerous artists in the Greater Milford Area to have an outlet to explore, expand and share their love of art.

What began as an assortment of different artists getting together in coffee shops or in each other's homes has grown into a thriving and active group of over one hundred artists, with a mailing list of over 425 other art-minded people in the Huron Valley area. VFAA is characterized as stimulating and welcoming.