Artist of the Year  - 2014

An opportunity for artists to gather recognition (and award) for participation in the display of  up to 2 recent art pieces at the monthly meetings. Artist of the Year is selected by the evening's guest speaker. At year's end, accumulated points determine a cash award for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place.

 Haskew Challenge: Originally launched by VFAA co-founder and friend by Suzanne Haskew and carried forward by her husband and major supporter, Harold Haskew (left). VFAA members are invited to bring a themed piece for popular vote of the evening's attendees, and a cash award. 
The 2014 themes are:
April: 'Happiness' and September: 'Expectation'.

October 2014 1st- Kathy Fish, pastel, 2nd - Barb Weisenburg, watercolor, 3rd - Cindi Rashid, watercolor.

September 2014 1st- Dean Roger's pencil portrait, 2nd - Michelle Meijer, collage, 3rd - Cindi Rashid, acrylic. Honorable mentions: Jan Key's mixed media and Paul Tibedeau's plein aire landscape

Haskew Challenge Winner: "Expectation":  award tied vote:  Dean Rogers and Jan Key

August 2014 1st, Dean Roger's pencil sketch, 2nd - Wendy Willihnganz, watercolor, 3rd, Bob Wesley, acrylic.

July 2014 1st Susi Thomas, still life, 2nd - Robert Johnson, photo, 3rd and honorable mention- Sandy Ackermann, painting.

June 2014
1st Robert Johnson, photography, 2nd - Sandy Ackerman, painting, 3rd - Dave Justus, pastel.

May 2014 1st - Dean Rogers portrait in pencil, 2nd - Cindy Rashid, watercolor, 3rd - Jan Key, ceramics. Honorable mention to Paul Tibedeau. plein-aire painting.

April 2014 1st - Sandy Ackerman, portrait, 2nd - Janice Dumas, watercolor, 3rd - Linda Onderko, construction-Doll making. Honorable mention to Bob Wesley. painting.

Haskew Challenge Winner: "Happiness"

March 2014 1st - Cindy Rashid, watercolor, 2nd - Barb Weisenberg, watercolor, 3rd - Pat Mobley, acrylic.

February 2014  1st - Bob Wesley, 2nd -  Paul Tibedeau, oil,  3rd - Renee Hoag, watercolor.

January 2014  1st - Cindy Rashid, watercolor, 2nd -  Laura Conrad, pencil/digital colorr, 3rd - Mary Bajcz, fabric.