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September is here:  VFAA meeting and visiting artist Wednesday, September 24: 7:30. Golden Paints with Valerie Allen.  Read more in the upcoming September newsletter later this month.  Reminder: Linda's organic homemade bread may be available for sale at break time. The monthly meeting is currently located in the basement of the Milford Presbyterian Church awaiting some minor improvements.

Call to Artists: Views & Visions Prospectus

New classes and new web pages: S.H.A.C. - Don't miss signing up for some event this fall. Currently welcoming donations and fundraising ideas to "tweek" our facility for more creative uses.

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When you are downtown Milford: stop by to see VFAA artists displaying their work in The Blue Grill or Main St Art: Main St. Art is open to new window artists now. Find contact information in the Newsletter.

New Opportunity:  Hang your work in the hallway connecting the SHAC and the new River's Edge Brewing Company. "Contact us" through the website, stop by or call the SHAC.

Artist of the Year
July's choices  
                    2014 Book of artists: Guest Speakers                            Our Presenters are the BEST!  Support, be inspired by these artist/professionals:

August 27: Keith Faychak & Paula Matney, Special Effects makeup and the fine art of portraying realism through makeup techniques , Keith and Paula shared their experiences in the business, and the materials they use to achieve their artistic applications.

July 24: Robert Perrish, friendly critique opportunity with VFAA members and visitors. Always popular! an award-winning designer, sculptor and painter whose love of nature
is evident in everything he creates. Robert was our judge for last year’s Views & Visions show.
Learn more about him and his work at:

 June 25: Armin Mersmann, "See the World Differently", explained his approach and view on the world of drawing expressed through graphite and paper. Armin's work is currently seen at the Grand Rapids Art Museum and will be on view at Art Prize 2014 in the Amway Grand. The role of the artist is to kick start the viewer's imagination. He also teaches. Google Armin to find out more.

May 28: Todd Burroughs, "Abstraction within Realism", Center for Creative Studies and Birmingham Bloomfield Art Center instructor, shared his knowledge, passion and approach to painting, framed within the history of classic art and technique. He also highlighted the work of one of his BBAC students. Both artists are part of the Spring Midwest Art Competition at the BBAC.


 April 23: Robert Aikens, Aviation Artist out of a childhood love of airplanes, a retirement of painting in oils and stories of history told through aviation. Robert has shown his work at the National Aviation Museum, Henry Ford Museum and even the Detroit International Auto Show.
 March 26: Janna Coumoundourus makes her mark:
Creative and versatile, photographer, jewelry artist -
Janna recycles vintage industrial artifacts and merges them with her fashion design and photography sensibilities.  Find out more about Janna's work at


 February 26: Visiting Author: Suzanne Bilek
Remarkable stories of Detroit's female artists through history. Suzanne's book is available on Amazon.

January 22: Visiting Artist Paul Tibedeau
Paul shared his oil paintings Plein Aire style, including the upside of painting even in the winter, handmade painting to go tools, and many tips he learned from the artists who join him every Saturday morning. You can find and join this Plein Aire group on Facebook.

Paul's work was recently on display at The Blue Grill in Milford and he received top award at the 2013 Fall Views & Visions Show.
> Monthly meeting location: lower level, and courtesy of, Milford Presbyterian Church, 238 N. Main Street, Milford. New guest speaker each month. Join activities, be immersed, share information about art activities in the broader area,  meet on Facebook.

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