Located in Milford at the Suzanne Haskew Art Center.          Register here to become a member
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The VFAA is non-profit with a happy history of building and seeking partners to provide opportunities for artists and arts enrichment in the community.It is located in a restoration space next to River's Edge Brewery and a yoga center on Main Street. More.. VFAA recognizes their Volunteers!  Non-members or students included! 

Thank You to our Supporters: 

- BenjaMen of Huron Valley along with Palate of Milford for their gift to special programs like The Peacock Club and SHAC TAC! (Find out more at the SHAC)

- Blick Logo  supports VFAA activities:  www.dickblick.com

- Channel 4 voting for The SHAC 3rd on its list of THE BEST  in the Arts & Entertainment category. Congratulations!

October is the last Visiting artist speaker for 2019 -  Our Guest Speaker is Wasentha Young, mosaic artist, Wednesday, October 23, 7:00 pm.  Members are invited to bring their latest work for ARTIST OF THE YEAR. Artist of the Year awards coming Nov-Dec. Watch for the date!